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Organize a Donation Drive

It’s easier than you think to organize a drive and collect much-need professional clothing and accessories! Running a suit drive is a great way to get your company, church or community group involved with Attitudes & Attire™. Quality contemporary business attire is our biggest need, but we also welcome purses, shoes, accessories, and hosiery. Below are some tips to help you get started.

How to Organize a Suit Drive

  1. Obtain the necessary approval from your company (or organization) to conduct the suit drive.
  2. Choose the dates for your suit drive. Do you want all items brought to you on one day or over a period of time? This may depend on your available resources for storing, sorting, and delivering the donated items.
  3. Recruit friends and co-workers to help you. Don’t try do it all yourself!
  4. Decide when and where you will accept donated items. You will need a location that is protected from the weather and one that can be locked when unattended.
  5. Determine a budget for your drive. Some typical costs may include posters and/or balloons to promote the event, donation bins for collecting items, delivery services, etc.
  6. Be prepared to collect monetary donations during your drive. Many donors will want to make a financial contribution when they drop off suits. This is also a great way for men to get involved!
  7. Decide how you will promote your suit drive. Let people know about the event at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the suit drive. This will give potential donors plenty of time to sort through their closets, dry clean items as needed, and have them ready for the event.
  8. Be sure to provide guidelines for the donations you will accept.
  9. When the suit drive is finished, gather your volunteers and sort through the donated items. Look for items that are inappropriate for interviewing as well as items that are damaged or noticeably worn. Place these items in a separate stack to be donated to an Attitudes & Attire partner agency (listed below) that welcomes non-interview clothing.
  10. Make sure the remaining items are on hangers (hopefully, your donors will have already taken care of this according to the donation guidelines).
  11. Develop a plan for delivering the donated items to Attitudes & Attire. This is often done in personal vehicles, but could be arranged through a moving or delivery service if needed. Whatever you decide, please call Evelyn Earl at 214.746.4215 to schedule a delivery time.
  12. Sit back and relax! Your generosity will impact hundreds of women seeking self-sufficiency.

Attitudes & Attire Partner Agencies:

The following agencies have partnered with Attitudes & Attire and are delighted to receive donations of clothing items that we cannot currently accept, including casual wear, sportswear, and men’s/children’s clothing:

Bryan’s House 214-559-3946
Catholic Charities 214-503-1452
Cenikor Foundation 817-921-2771
Crossroads 214-560-2511
Friendship Baptist 972-228-5233
Reach of Dallas 214-630-4796
Vogel Alcove 214-565-9706
Visions 214-257-0207



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